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no one ever up dates this thing, curse all of you...

but before that i need some fed back.
for drama im writing a one act of a modern twisted Alice in wonderland. the general plot is: alice meets the white rabbit (a drug dealer) and buys acid. then she meets with dee and dum and they tell her storys(the walrus and the carpenter) til she starts freaking out and triping. then the caterpillar (a girl) joins and gives alice more drugs, some "advice" and hits on her a little. she freaks and goes away, where she meets the mock turtle (which is like a result from the drugs and repersents the self hating of alice) she runs away again, back to dee and dum but seens her trip is so bad she sees then as the mad hatter and march hare. the mad hatter rapes he and alice runs a way again. to a park and notices the cheshire cat (which is like a god figure) he tells alice to go get help a this place(which is really the police station) alice goes and is arested by the playing cards and her head taken off by the queen of hearts(not literally) a violent mob breaks out, dee, dum, the cheshire cat and the caterpillar join. til finally alice falls, everyone fades to the back and alice is borough up by a nurse in a rehad...

every charter is human.

what do you think?

*sometime/during/after (pick one) writing process*
-caterpillar cut
-mock turtle replaced by malice(a mirror Alice)
-Queen of Hearts is now like a mother figure
-not so violent, violent mob
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