Magnanimous Maggot (schizocarebear) wrote in aliceisbored,
Magnanimous Maggot

because someone had to do it...

Well, I suppose someone should post something here...and since it is something to do with Alice, I suppose I shall complain about how disney slaughtered it.


They combined Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, which wouldn't be so bad had they not cut out major characters...I would like to make an Alice movie, but I do not have the funds, equipment, and actors it would take to make one...*sighs sadly*

But, I am trying with a friend of mine to do some sort of Demented one, which really is quite fun. Of course, in the year we've been putting it together it has slowly become something boring...I mean, some of us want to turn it into a "Hollywood" Production. We're just a bunch of teenagers with (if we're lucky) a video in the world are we going to make it something GOOD?! Well, I suppose I should end this entry before I get off subject...hmm?
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